Marango TradePlus

Marango TradePlus offers a complete package to manage your entire bulk commodity, grain trade and transport based business in one convenient location. Our mature grain and commodity trading platform from Marango Trade is brought together with the comprehensive fleet, freight and logistics management package from Marango Freight, both fully integrated into our powerful financial management system. Marango TradePlus streamlines your business by eliminating the need for operating multiple products side-by-side.


Contract Management

Quickly create contracts to buy and sell your grain or commodities. Keep track of sharefarm agreements, grade and site price variances, and carry charges through to invoicing.


Invoicing globally? No worries. With integrated multi-currency support and automatic download of daily exchange rates from the Reserve Bank of Australia, working with foreign currencies couldn't be easier.

Stock Control

Keep detailed track of stock levels by location, state and status. You can follow stock movement through sites while receival, transfer, shrink, carry and outturn charges are automatically applied to maintain a true cost of stock.


Marango TradePlus's order management system adds another level of organisation to your contracts before a transaction is processed. Orders can record clients' arrangements for delivery within a given period.

Comprehensive Transaction System

From direct one-to-one through to complex many-to-many options, Marango TradePlus's transaction system prevents invoices being missed by generating invoices and RCTIs during processing.

Detailed Event Sheets

Quickly record and keep track of your entire fleet event history, and generate reports of these for either the vehicle or driver. Use event sheet data to simplify your payroll by automatically pulling events into payslips.

Load Scheduling

Assign loads to vehicles and schedule your fleet movement throughout the week. Reassign as required if any issues arise.

Freight Invoicing System

Easily generate a transaction based on your loads with all the information to invoice clients. Once processed, invoices can be generated from one or more transactions.

Fully Integrated Accounting

Marango TradePlus includes a complete financial package including accounts payable/receivable, credit limiting, debtor statements, smart inline bank import & reconciliation, journal entries, and customisable chart of accounts.

Payroll Processing

A comprehensive HR and payroll system is integrated, including PAYG rate updates, payroll liability reporting and payslips. Submit to the ATO electronically via STP (Single Touch Payroll).

Comprehensive Reporting

With over 140 on-demand, drill-down reports available to you, keep a close eye on your business activities. Click through reports to open relevant data rather than manually searching for the relevant entry.

Find Information Quickly

Wherever possible, shortcuts and auto-completion are provided to make your life easier. A complete system search allows you to find what you want quickly and painlessly.


We would love to see if Marango TradePlus is a fit for your business. Don’t like email? Contact us via 08 8185 4100 to arrange a demo.