At Marango we provide more than software to our clients. It is through support that we can work with you to ensure you get the most out of your software. From our initial multi-day training seasons to shorter focused training or even on demand one-to-one sessions we give you the tools to build your business. Through updates you have access to the latest features and save countless hours of manual data entry. It is for these reasons we include support with every purchase of our software.


Software Updates

Maintain your system reliability and don't miss out on the latest feature and improvements to existing functionally. With Marango Update unlimited software updates are available to you immediately on their release. Keeping your software up to date couldn't be easier.

Learning & Training

Our support team is available to provide one to one remote training whenever required. As your business grows and your needs change, we can provide longer remote training sessions to small groups on specific focus areas.

Data Updates

Automatically keep on top of data updates and save yourself hours of manual data entry. We will keep you notified and up-to-date with: RBA exchange rates, BSB numbers, public holidays, PAYG withholding, levy rates, end point royalty rates, major bulk handler storage and handling rates and location differentials.

Rapid Response & Resolution

We love helping our clients and want to hear from you no matter how simple or complicated your enquiry. Having direct developer access can avoid the middle-man to ensure quick resolutions with most questions being immediately answered by our knowledgeable team.

Direct Support

No one understands a system better than the people who develop and work with it every day. This is why our developers are also our support staff. Who's better to provide guidance and answer your questions than the people who maintain the software.

Direct Developer Access

Our developers work directly with our clients. This way your suggestions and feedback directly influence how we improve our products.

Need something more?

If your business requires a specific enhancement or needs additional functionality, as a Support & Maintenance client, you have access to our support team to arrange a no obligation fixed price quote for any prioritised or custom development you may require.

Still have questions?

Call us on 08 8185 4100 or email us below.